Avoid Clutter With a Cedar Shoe Bench

Cedar Shoe Bench

A cedar shoe bench is a unique yet beautiful piece of furniture to consider for the home. What a wonderful piece of furniture to store those dirty shoes from people coming in from the outdoors.

There are ways to buy a cedar shoe bench online, in a store, or perhaps to find one at a garage sale at a more reasonable price. A cedar shoe bench gives off a pleasant aroma and is better to store the shoes on that bench than to have them scattered on the floor covered with newspaper or old carpets.

A perfect place to have the cedar shoe bench in the home, is in the garage, mud room or basement. It works so well if you're wearing muddy garden shoes, slushy boots, or any shoes that have been out in the dirty muddy wet weather.  You want to keep those 143 girl rain boots from getting all over the living room carpet.  With the slats open on the bottem, these shoes can also dry much quicker and be ready to be worn again for the great outdoors.

The cedar shoe bench is a simple piece of furniture, usually made into two layers to hold 8-10 pairs of shoes at once. Some shoes benches need some minor assembly when they are purchased. Another type of a cedar shoe bench is shaped like a rack, and even wet clothing can be put on the top to be dried. There are these types that are also folding benches. Cedar is still the popular material used in these shoe benches because of the sweet aroma that cedar gives off. However, they can be purchased in different shades of wood. These benches can hold more shoes than the standard two-shelf style.

Save Space With a Small Shoe Bench

Small Shoe Bench

A small shoe bench is an ideal way keep shoes organized in a fashionable piece of furniture. A shoe bench doubles as a seat for taking off or putting on shoes. They are available in several different styles, sizes and materials. These benches are the perfect piece of furniture for an entry way, mud room or at the foot of a bed. The benches provide a more convenient place to store shoes that are frequently worn, without the hassle of digging through a dark closet. The small shoe bench is great for those who have limited space to work with, but still want the comfort and convenience a shoe bench offers.

Wooden shoe benches are durable and pleasant to look at. Sliding drawers or cubbies are used to hold several pairs of shoes. Some of the different wood types include oak, pine, walnut and cedar. The wooden designs can be finished to suit any décor. Most of the benches can hold up to 300lbs. Special drawers for hats and mittens can also be found in several of the benches.

Plastic or wicker materials are great for children’s rooms or classrooms. They are not as durable as the wooden benches. They are available in a variety of bright colors. The plastic benches typically offer more spaces for shoes. Shoe benches can also be made of metal or steel for extra durability. This particular type of material does not usually offer as many styles. The metal benches typically offer a single shelf for shoe storage.

Get an Entryway Shoe Bench

Entryway Shoe Bench

I have an entryway shoe bench, and I love it! They are very handy when it comes to taking off shoes before entering the home. This will include keeping carpets clean. In turn, this will save you money on wear and tear on carpets, including cleaning them, as well as the headache of replacing your carpets. You can make your entryway shoe bench look very nice with some wood stain, or paint, whichever you choose. You can decorate it with a stencil and some paint, or some silk flowers and maybe some greenery.

I have noticed also, it is handy to kick your foot up onto when you are tying your shoes, or if you would rather sit down, you can do that instead.

You can place your shoes nicely underneath your entryway shoe bench to keep the rest of your house from shoe clutter. If you follow these simple steps, you will not have to vacuum very much either. You will always know where your shoes are. They are just nice to have any way you look at it. Something else you may want to do is put a hat rack on the back of it. That way, you will not wear your hat inside your home, this will keep your wife/mother happy, and also, you will always know where your hat is. You may want to hang your winter coats and scarves here also.

If you follow these simple rules, it will hopefully keep your home a little nicer as well as a little cleaner, and you will have more time to enjoy doing other activities, instead of cleaning your home and carpets.

Wood Shoe Bench – A Great Look

Wood Shoe Bench
For those who are tired of their family and friends' shoes ending up sprawled all over the floor or in a bunch next to the door should consider investing in a wood shoe bench. A wood shoe bench is a stylish bench that has special places you can place your shoes. Many of them can hold several pairs of shoes, with some even holding up to ten pairs. Here is a guide at what to expect when shopping for a wood shoe bench.

To begin with there are a few different varieties to choose from as far as what style they are and what sort of finish they come in. There are a few different types of wood that is used to make these. Some of the most common are oak and cherry. Oak is a lighter color whereas cherry is a darker color that has a very rich look to it. There are also wood shoe benches that can be painted or have been painted different colors to match the decor in the rooms of your home.
As far as the places that hold the shoes one could pick from a wire rack or a wooden rack depending upon ones own personal likes.

Having a wood shoe bench is a great and efficient way to store shoes that not only looks attractive in the home but also provides easy access for one to be able to get to the shoes without having to go and store them in a closet. Shoppers can find a wood shoe bench at a number of different places such as some furniture stores, department stores or online. Prices for wooden shoe benches will vary depending upon what wood they are made out of, who makes them and how big they are. One can purchase a nice, quality wood shoe bench for around $50.

Organize With a Shoe Storage Bench

Shoe Storage Bench

I have shoe storage bench in my bedroom, it is so nice to be able to "hide" my shoes so that I do not have all that clutter, just a cute little bench. I can also sit on it when I am putting on my shoes. This is very nice and convieniant. Nobody knows it is a shoe bench, they just think it is cute. You can put a nice stain on it to match your home, or bedroom furniture. Paint is another option for you, maybe a cute stencil.

Another idea is to place your shoe storage bench by your front door, or your mud room, whichever you choose. This will in turn keep your carpets a little nicer. They will last longer, your carpets will not need to be cleaned so often, which leaves more time on the weekends for you.

You can place one around your home, in the kids room for example. They may enjoy a fun game of picking up their shoes and putting them away. And think of how nice and neat your closet will be. No more opening the door slowly because of what may fall out on you. You will be proud to show off your home and closet space if it is kept nice and neat. I hope you will listen to this advice and get one for yourself. I don't see many around anymore, which I sure do not understand, because they look nice as well as keep your home tidy.

You do not even have to put shoes in it if you choose not to, you can put toys, coats, gloves, scarves, this way they will not be lost easily. It's a great way to straighten up for last minute surprise company, they will think you are such a neat person.