Avoid Clutter With a Cedar Shoe Bench

Cedar Shoe Bench

A cedar shoe bench is a unique yet beautiful piece of furniture to consider for the home. What a wonderful piece of furniture to store those dirty shoes from people coming in from the outdoors.

There are ways to buy a cedar shoe bench online, in a store, or perhaps to find one at a garage sale at a more reasonable price. A cedar shoe bench gives off a pleasant aroma and is better to store the shoes on that bench than to have them scattered on the floor covered with newspaper or old carpets.

A perfect place to have the cedar shoe bench in the home, is in the garage, mud room or basement. It works so well if you're wearing muddy garden shoes, slushy boots, or any shoes that have been out in the dirty muddy wet weather.  You want to keep those 143 girl rain boots from getting all over the living room carpet.  With the slats open on the bottem, these shoes can also dry much quicker and be ready to be worn again for the great outdoors.

The cedar shoe bench is a simple piece of furniture, usually made into two layers to hold 8-10 pairs of shoes at once. Some shoes benches need some minor assembly when they are purchased. Another type of a cedar shoe bench is shaped like a rack, and even wet clothing can be put on the top to be dried. There are these types that are also folding benches. Cedar is still the popular material used in these shoe benches because of the sweet aroma that cedar gives off. However, they can be purchased in different shades of wood. These benches can hold more shoes than the standard two-shelf style.