Organize With a Shoe Storage Bench

Shoe Storage Bench

I have shoe storage bench in my bedroom, it is so nice to be able to "hide" my shoes so that I do not have all that clutter, just a cute little bench. I can also sit on it when I am putting on my shoes. This is very nice and convieniant. Nobody knows it is a shoe bench, they just think it is cute. You can put a nice stain on it to match your home, or bedroom furniture. Paint is another option for you, maybe a cute stencil.

Another idea is to place your shoe storage bench by your front door, or your mud room, whichever you choose. This will in turn keep your carpets a little nicer. They will last longer, your carpets will not need to be cleaned so often, which leaves more time on the weekends for you.

You can place one around your home, in the kids room for example. They may enjoy a fun game of picking up their shoes and putting them away. And think of how nice and neat your closet will be. No more opening the door slowly because of what may fall out on you. You will be proud to show off your home and closet space if it is kept nice and neat. I hope you will listen to this advice and get one for yourself. I don't see many around anymore, which I sure do not understand, because they look nice as well as keep your home tidy.

You do not even have to put shoes in it if you choose not to, you can put toys, coats, gloves, scarves, this way they will not be lost easily. It's a great way to straighten up for last minute surprise company, they will think you are such a neat person.