Save Space With a Small Shoe Bench

Small Shoe Bench

A small shoe bench is an ideal way keep shoes organized in a fashionable piece of furniture. A shoe bench doubles as a seat for taking off or putting on shoes. They are available in several different styles, sizes and materials. These benches are the perfect piece of furniture for an entry way, mud room or at the foot of a bed. The benches provide a more convenient place to store shoes that are frequently worn, without the hassle of digging through a dark closet. The small shoe bench is great for those who have limited space to work with, but still want the comfort and convenience a shoe bench offers.

Wooden shoe benches are durable and pleasant to look at. Sliding drawers or cubbies are used to hold several pairs of shoes. Some of the different wood types include oak, pine, walnut and cedar. The wooden designs can be finished to suit any décor. Most of the benches can hold up to 300lbs. Special drawers for hats and mittens can also be found in several of the benches.

Plastic or wicker materials are great for children’s rooms or classrooms. They are not as durable as the wooden benches. They are available in a variety of bright colors. The plastic benches typically offer more spaces for shoes. Shoe benches can also be made of metal or steel for extra durability. This particular type of material does not usually offer as many styles. The metal benches typically offer a single shelf for shoe storage.